D. Kruger

Just have to write and tell you we found the Critters Inflatable LifeVest perfect for our 120 Lb Service Sheppard, Vinny; he is a Mobility Service dog, responsible for pushing/pulling wheelchairs and shopping carts, opening heavy doors and picking up items that are hard to reach or not easily accessible as well as carrying items from one place to another, in short he needs his freedom to move about.

We purchased a very nice conventional pet life vest for Vinny so he could accompany us on boating excursions and fishing in rivers and lakes, some of which have underlying currents and tides and could be dangerous, so we insist he wear a life vest at all times we are around water recreation areas.  As with most dogs he accepts this requirement and endures being uncomfortable from the heat and bulkiness of the vest. Although this life vest is top of the line, it is cumbersome / heavy and not easy for him to lay down with.

We discovered the ‘Inflatable Life Jackets’ for humans only this past summer, so nice to be able to put them on and forget about it, not to mention more options and needing less room to store them.  For these reasons we decided to do a search for ‘inflatable’ vests for dogs, and we were pleasantly surprised and more than happy to find that ‘Critters Inflatable’ has created this same very unique idea for pets.

Because of the way the Critters Inflatable is designed, Vinny is unencumbered when laying down, especially in small spaces; additionally when inflated, he now has the ability to swim with his head held out of the water (like swimming with a life preserver around him) and maneuvers better.  He no longer has to fight the buoyancy of his current (now past) life jacket which floats his whole body.  We believe his attitude for swimming in the water is more relaxed, he doesn’t notice he’s wearing a vest at all until it inflates, and he seems to take more time exploring the waters and shores than he use to and best of all it is not hot for him to wear all the time, so we are able to leave it on without our feeling guilty.

Just had to say Thank you from all of us for providing peace of mind for Vinny’s comfort and safety.







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