S. Wallentine

My Boxer loves the water, but is not a strong swimmer.  Especially considering we boat on the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers, and the currents can be so strong and so fast that he’d be a goner if he fell in without a life jacket.  His barrel chest has made it extremely hard to find one that fits right, and the fact that he won’t jump into the water when we are anchored in a bay makes a life jacket a very hot and uncomfortable thing to wear, even for safety.

We were anchored in the bay and he loves to play with the other labs that are there, but he can get too brave and end up knocked off the platform like he did this last outing.  He had his Critters Inflatable on though and it worked like a charm!  Attached are a few before and after inflation photos.  Great product and one that will give me peace of mind!







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